Sunday, January 11, 2009


Grace-based education probably isn't a new concept. I think all good educators have recognized that Grace -- biblically-defined and applied -- must be a central part of the process.

On the other hand, we at NCS don't run into many schools like ours. Perhaps the "structure of education" -- schedules, policies, rules -- overwhelms theological understanding sometimes. Perhaps schools are pulled away from their vision and mission toward success and popularity.

We envision this blog as a location for exploration -- mulling over the implications of Grace unfolded in a classroom setting in the midst of busy lives and heavy schedules.

... so here goes....

PS. Did you catch the pun in our URL? (I teach Shakespeare, so puns are high on my list!)

"gracefuled" can be read as either "Graceful Ed" or "Grace Fuled."

Either way seems to accurately describe the absolute need for Grace in the task of education....

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