Monday, May 31, 2010

For the Kingdom and Eternity, not "For a Job"

Remy Wilkins on the true purpose of education:
Out of Education

Excerpt (emphasis mine):

Man is called to glorify and enjoy [God] (notice the singular: end, not ends. Glorifying without enjoying or enjoying without glorifying does not fulfill the requirements). Man’s chief end is something that constantly pushes us into the future. This is the answer: education leads us out of the present and into the future.


Having no starting point has caused education to be looked upon as the foundation. In the history of the world, salvation through education has been a constant threat. Education apart from the Savior becomes the savior, education apart from slaves becomes the master, the end in itself. But Christians are the servants of the world and in their service they become free. Education for the purpose of career and salary is the new Egypt and we must be led out of education.

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