Monday, October 17, 2011

LiveBlogging: Poverty Unit -- teaching time

Before we will do anything about the problems of this world, we must mourn. (Thanks, Dr Steve Kaufman, for pointing that out in my Covenant MEd coursework.)  We don't adjust our view of Kingdom ministry until we understand that the Gospel isn't just a fire escape out of hell. God is at work in the world to reclaim it in His name, and that redemptive work touches families and nations and schools.

If we want our kids to love God and love others as a life-principle, they need to understand the task at hand.  The psalmist repeatedly says that a righteous person (or king) is the one who cares for the poor, the oppressed, the widow, the orphan.  So our kids need to understand what that looks like.

We spent the afternoon doing short faculty presentations on different social issues:  malnutrition and the effect of poverty on the health care issue ....  criminal domestic violence and child abuse stats in SC .... the causes and effects of immigration .... the cycle of poverty and poor education .... and the overwhelming cost of war on our veteran in terms of mental health.

It's a heavy afternoon.  Plus all the cheap carbs we ate for lunch (remember -- just $3 per person!) left everyone sleepy and sluggish.  A perfect example of the problem.

Time to let them mourn.
Tomorrow: moving toward being a part of some solutions.

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