Saturday, June 9, 2012

Changes afoot

Everything worth doing is hard (so my husband says), and writing about Grace-based education falls within that realm.

I would like to think Teaching Redemptively (the blog) already would have filled the Internet with wisdom, but the truth is that we aren't any more wise than the average bear, and teaching doesn't leave much time left over for writing.

But I hope that is about to change.

This is a summer of upheaval for many of us associated with Teaching Redemptively. We are moving on to new challenges, new ministries, new coursework of our own.

As we raise a glass to change, I'm hoping that we'll take time to condense our experiences over the past several years and add to the conversation about how the Gospel should affect schools.

Most of us are no longer affiliated here with NCS, the school which served as a laboratory for our Grace experiences for about a decade. We wish it well, and we also want to clarify that our posts here are not meant to be any kind of official (or unofficial) statement about the school's philosophy, mission, or vision. We applaud NCS and its growth as a Christian school and look forward to hearing good news about it in the future.

But for now -- I'm hoping we'll be able to turn our summertime attention to topics in relational education, Grace-based discipline, mentoring parents and families, and other issues of biblically-normative education. Stay tuned.

Dennis Bills has administrated three Christian schools (all quite different) and pastored PCA churches. He's currently enrolled in a DMin program in Pittsburgh and pastors a church in WV.

Coart & Lori Ramey taught for a decade at a Christian school after working in tangential fields related to education (textbook authoring and library science).  They hope to be involved in teacher training on the college level someday, so Coart is working hard at a PhD in Social Foundations of Education. Lori is 'just' working.

Jack Knipe speaks more languages than should be legal and is fascinated by human geography and world culture. He's headed off to earn a terminal degree in International Education and hang out with lots of people who aren't from around here.

Joey Thames served as the administrator of a Christian school for 6 years, taught public school science for 4, and currently serves as an advisor to Biology majors at Clemson University.

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