Monday, January 20, 2014

Article: What students remember most about teachers

What makes a good teacher? 
Before you start looking at lesson plan outlines and teaching certificates - those these details are important - look first at the teacher and their willingness to build relationships as the core of teaching.

Great blog post:  What students remember most about teachers.
Give it a read.

And of all the students I know who have lauded teachers with the laurels of the highest acclaim, those students have said of those teachers that they cared. 
You see, kids can see through to the truth of the matter. And while the flashy stuff can entertain them for a while, it's the steady constance of empathy that keeps them connected to us. It's the relationships we build with them. It's the time we invest. It's all the little ways we stop and show concern. It's the love we share with them: of learning. Of life. And most importantly, of people. 
And while we continually strive for excellence in our profession as these days of fiscal restraint and heavy top-down demands keep coming at us- relentless and quick. We need to stay the course. For ourselves and for our students. Because it's the human touch that really matters. 
It's you, their teacher, that really matters.

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