Friday, April 11, 2014

It's about the students, really.

Heh. I enjoy seeing someone else go off on a rant that I could totally hear myself saying. So go check out Robert Talbert explain why students aren't the problem that higher education needs to fix.

Talbert teaches with the flipped classroom model, one that has generated both criticism and praise in recent research. A recent post of his on that model generated a high volume of comments, and plenty of critique. The criticisms of the method don't bother Talbert, but he is irate at the faculty who think that students themselves are the primary "problem" in higher ed.
I could just quote the whole piece here, but that would be unkind. Here's a tidbit to entice you: Take a good long look at your reasons for being in higher ed. If students are not at the center, you are doing it wrong.
from Casting Out Nines, "The Problem is not the Students"

Actually, Talbert says, the students are your very mission, your reason for existing as a teacher. 


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