Monday, May 19, 2014

A great interview with D. Michael Lindsay on producing leaders

I really enjoyed reading this interview by James K A Smith (of Calvin College, and one of my favorite authors in the philosophical realm) with D. Michael Linsday, president of Gordon College and author of a few books on leaders & leadership.

This two-part interview is a quick read but packed with great thoughts.  I especially appreciated the discussion of the value of "broad" thinking -- which is usually developed through the wide liberal arts curriculum rather than a specialist emphasis -- as a vital characteristic of successful "top" leaders.

They also unpack some of the tension that Christians feel when they look at the world's definition of "successful leader" and compare that with a traditional emphasis in churches on living a quiet and holy life.  It's worth chewing on.

Part one: The Hidden Curriculum of Leadership

Part two: Ambition, Influence, and Entrepreneurship

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